‘Ello, darlings! My name is Lindsay and in the summer of 2014, three of my four best friends from high school decided to get married within six weeks of each other and instantly turned my life into a romantic comedy (with less romance and more non-fat ice cream). I went from not knowing anything about the wedding industry to having an opinion about almond champagne (I vote yea, those who think it’s too sweet probably would not have toasted with champagne anyway).

In my quest to be the best Maid of Honor possible I quickly realized there were shockingly few resources that provided any real guidance for members of the bridal party. When exactly do I need to order my dress so I have it in time for the wedding? How last minute can I find a stripper who looks like Channing Tatum? What if the thought of hiring a stripper makes me really uncomfortable? Is it inappropriate to ask members of a bachelorette party to chip in for the cost?

As far as I know, Miss Manners has not covered the age old “who pays for the stripper?” question.

Fear not, friends! I am here for you. Hunting for inspiration, motivation and information can be a total drag, but I’m really excited to share my experiences and any tips or tricks I can think of to help you love the hell out of being a bridesmaid (it really is possible, this I promise you) while kicking some serious wedding booty.

Now, go out there and be the best freakin’ bridesmaid ever! #Bouquetbump.



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