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You are Not a Horrible Person

Bridesmaid, you are not a horrible person. Brides, if you’re reading this, look away. Here’s the thing people hint at, or make jokes about, but never really say out loud unless it’s a Katherine Heigl movie: being a bridesmaid can be rough at times because you’re asked to invest time, effort and money into something that is not about you and you don’t get paid to do it.

I’ve found society likes to paint this emotion as “bitter” or “jealousy” but ladies, we know this is not true. Maybe the root of that feeling applies once in a blue moon, but in general I’ve found if a bridesmaid isn’t 100% stoked it’s because… she’s human.

Gasp! Shock! Taylor Swift surprise face!

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My Biggest Maid of Honor Mistake (And How You Can Avoid It!)

As we’re getting to be such good friends, internet, I feel comfortable admitting my biggest Maid of Honor mistake. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t pretty. Discussing “missteps” is painful for everyone, but I am hopeful that in sharing this story it will prevent one of you from doing it in the future.

I’m fortunate that in my case the bride had a great sense of humor about it, she even laughed while it was happening, but it could have been bad. I mean, really bad…

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