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Maid of Honor: What To Do Before The Wedding

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In addition to what is expected for a bridesmaid, here are a few ideas we can get you started:

Before the Wedding

1. Location scouting

Oh, the bride wants to have a destination wedding and needs you to fly out to look at beaches with her? Say it ain’t so! Even if your bride is not a jet-setter she may need your help looking at locations. You’re there to help her think of things she may not on her own. Example: Is there someplace for the grandparents to escape the sun if the wedding is outdoors? How are people going to get from the ceremony site to the reception location? Is parking going to be an issue? Does the location require you to use their caterer and photographer or will she be able to choose her own? Etc.

Pro-tip: There is a difference between thinking something is a bad idea for logistical reasons, like having the ceremony at the perfect little chapel that is 100 miles from the most Pinterest perfect reception site, and a bad idea because it is not how you would do it. Always give advice from a logistical place unless she asks otherwise. (Which she could as she chose you as her MoH for a reason.)

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My Biggest Maid of Honor Mistake (And How You Can Avoid It!)

As we’re getting to be such good friends, internet, I feel comfortable admitting my biggest Maid of Honor mistake. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t pretty. Discussing “missteps” is painful for everyone, but I am hopeful that in sharing this story it will prevent one of you from doing it in the future.

I’m fortunate that in my case the bride had a great sense of humor about it, she even laughed while it was happening, but it could have been bad. I mean, really bad…

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How does a Maid of Honor differ from a Bridesmaid?

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The time has come, your best friend said, to talk of many things. Of shoes, and drinks and Brazilian wax, and ohhhhh, how that stings! Of how her fiancé is super hot and wait! Who could she get to sing?

Your best friend and/or sister has asked you to her maid of honor. That’s amazing! She wants you to be by her side while she marries the love of her life, but she hasn’t really given you details about what it involves… For some reason, it’s kind of assumed that women just know what it means to be in a wedding. It can be overwhelming and confusing. What exactly does a bridesmaid do? What additional tasks do I, as the Maid of Honor, have? When should I start planning her shower? Who is expected to pay for the bachelorette party? How much money do I have to spend to help someone else get married? Wait, how many gifts am I expected to buy? Where do I even start?!

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